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"Tornadoes, unlike hurricanes, do not get named. A hurricane is an unwelcome houseguest, one you see coming. You can watch it from afar, learning it's habits and its nature. The hurricane is the enemy you know well enough to hate, the lover who inevitably betrays. The tornado is the stranger at the door, with a knife. It has not features, no habits, no face.

"Names have power; to name something is to domesticate it, or to try. Naming a tornado would be like naming a shadow."

~Robin Wasserman, The Waking Dark
Opens at nightfall...

closes at dawn.

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Matt & David on Chris Hardwick’s Comic Con Blunder (x)

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Bonus Chris Hardwick in costume:


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Don’t let anything stand in your way. – Jones 

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Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous. 

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Ms. Hudson describing the new book arrangement. “That way, Physics by Aristotle is as far away from You Can Learn Telepathy by Morton Zuckerman as possible.”

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